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Mission of the Center for Memory and Learning 

The Center for Memory and Learning (CFMAL) is a specialty clinic within Northwest Psychological Resources.  NWPR was founded in 1997 as a Limited Liability Company

to serve the administrative and support needs of mental health clinicians, each in private practice.

NWPR and CFMAL are not group practices, but rather a consortium of persons in private practice.  We do not share records, regulate each others’ fees, or become involved in the manner in which each clinician conducts his or her clinical or business affairs.  None of us are responsible for anybody’s practice other than our own.  Nonetheless, we enjoy working together in a supportive and collegial

environment while pooling resources to see our mutual administrative needs are met. 

Like NWPR, clinicians working within the Center for Memory and Learning are credentialed, independent mental health professionals who are fully and individually responsible for the care and services he or she provides.  You should consider yourself a private patient of your clinician, not of Northwest Psychological Resources, LLC, or any other clinician affiliated with NWPR.

Apart from basic scientific research in human behavior and mental processes, the clinical practice of psychology has two long traditions: assessment and therapy.  Assessment relates to the development and use of diagnostic tools.  Good tools of measurement are the basis of observation and the scientific method.   Along the way, psychologists also became instrumental in devising, testing, and using various forms of counseling techniques, joining other mental health professionals (i.e., Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, etc.) to deliver counseling services in high-quality fashion. 

Most practicing psychologists use their training in both assessment and therapy, although many prefer to specialize in one or the other.


The Center for Memory and Learning was developed to accommodate psychologists primarily interesting in diagnostic assessment and consultation.  While clinicians at CFMAL also provide a broad range of counseling services, the focus of this office remains on diagnostic assessment for clinical, educational, governmental, and legal purposes. The mission of CFMAL to is to provide patients and referral professionals a place and process of comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological assessment delivered by compassionate professionals with the highest qualifications.

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