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Regarding Appointments

Making and Changing Appointments

Appointments are usually made through the reception staff of Northwest Psychological Resources.

(360) 414-8600

Professionals referring for forensic examinations should contact me (Dr. Steve Meharg) directly via phone or e-mail.


If you call during normal business hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm, our answering system will provide you the option of connecting with our receptionist. If you plan to use insurance to help cover costs, you will want to have that information ready to share and bring your card(s) to the first appointment for our staff to copy.

If you call after hours or our lines are busy, the answering system will provide you the option of leaving a confidential message. We will call your back, shortly. From the main number, these extensions include:

Main Reception: x0

Intake Coordinator: x114

Dr. Meharg’s Office: x130

There will be some new-patient intake paperwork and consent forms to read and sign. Our staff can provide these via e-mail to print and fill out before coming, or you can come in 15 minutes and fill them out in the office before your appointment. Either way is fine.

Changing or Cancelling Appointments

People sometimes find themselves with unavoidable conflicts in their schedules.

Life happens...

We understand. If you need to cancel and/or change your appointment, please call our office at the above numbers

as soon as possible. You can call anytime of the day or night to leave a message.


Consistent with the office policies provided at the first appointment, most clinicians require 24-hour notice of cancellation.

It is customary to bill you for late cancels and failed appointments. Your clinician has set aside an hour or more of time for this appointment. Your time is valuable, and so is your clinician’s. Missing your appointment hinders the quality of your care, denies the appointment time to someone else, and represents lost income for your clinician who likely could have filled the appointment knowing you could not attend. Forgetting or confusion about the appointment, getting called in to work, discovering a last-minute conflict, or deciding not to come can present some tough choices for you, but are not considered reasons to excuse fees for failed appointments.

Be sure that we have adequate contact information for you so that we can set you up with e-mail or text reminders of your upcoming appointments.

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